Jet Ski Rental $99 |  18+ Photo I.D. Required

 Jet Ski Rental Schedule: Every 2 Hours

 Jet Ski Rental Times: 10:00 AM 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM

Check In: 1 Hour Prior

(305) 204-7699


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When we say "Extreme Jet Ski," we mean extreme fun, extreme excitement and extreme power!  Renting a Jet Ski or taking the new high speed Jet Ski Tour, is the perfect cure for any adrenaline junky. This is a great way to maximize the fun here in Miami and Miami BeachJet Ski all around Biscayne Bay, exploration and excitement to the MAX!  Miami locals love to take their jet skis out on the water and jet around scenic Biscayne Bay!  It is a super fun and unforgettable experience! You get to see all the Islands of Biscayne Bay and Miami Beach from the water and you can even pull-up to certain beaches and Islands! If you have not gotten out on the water yet, then you are missing out. Only the fortunate few get to see this side of Miami, now you can!  Jet Skis are high speed fun and are now extremely affordable with Extreme Jet Ski Tours and Rentals!

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  • Book with "Hassle Free" refund policy. 100% fully refundable only if you request your refund 48 hours prior to jet ski rental date and receive your refund same day. No refunds on Half & Full Day. All sales are final. 100% Non-refundable. In the event of weather, customer will receive an open date voucher with no expiration date. 100% non-refundable on weekend reservations. No refunds if booked for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. 48 hour prior notice does not apply on weekend reservations.
  • $50 Rebooking fees apply to change any reservation.